Cleasby Manufacturing announced it is a full line Fassi Cranes distributor in October 2008, in addition to its other equipment and tools offered to the commercial roofing industry.

As a distributor for Fassi knuckle booms, Cleasby will offer its customers a greater range of resources as a distributor, installer, and service center, while emphasizing the micro line and one model in the heavy-duty line. Knuckle booms are versatile pieces of equipment which can perform many jobs and capable of positioning load with pinpoint accuracy, saving both manpower time and space and promoting safety. All trucks can be fitted with a knuckle boom crane with the specifications designed for the buyers needs.

Fassi is the world’s third largest truck loader crane manufacturer producing over 9500 cranes each year and selling them in five continents. The Fassi knuckle boom shown in the photo is the Micro Series M20A.13 (Cleasby also designed and manufactured the trailer shown), which has a horizontal reach of 16 feet – 4 inches and maximum lift capacity of 903 pounds for this light-duty series crane. There is also a product within the heavy-duty cranes series available, which has a horizontal reach of 84 feet and a maximum lift capacity of 705 pounds.

Cleasby’s three locations (San Francisco, CA; Denver, CO and Clearfield, UT) will offer the Fassi range of cranes.