Basemate from Qual-Craft Industries
Easy connect Professional Ladder Stabilizer. Safe, Strong, Quick, and Easy. Attaches to most extension ladders in seconds. Patented leveling mechanism features effortless one foot operation.

Safe-T Ladder ™ Extension System from Qual-Craft Industries.

Designed to attach over the top of the ladder and provide a safe and easy transition from the ladder to a second surface.
Product Specs:
Product Specs:
Wt. 7 Lbs.
Product Specs:
Wt. 9 Lbs.
Product Specs:
Dekjak™ (sold 2 per set)
Wt. 32 Lbs.: S00097
Safely stack up to 15 sheets of plywood on pitched roofs of 3/12 up to 8/12. Load limit is based on sheets measuring 4’ x 8’ x 1/2” and weighing 50 Lbs. each. Secure Dekjaks™ directly to the rafter or ridge over attached sheets or existing skip sheeting. Provides a safe level surface to cut on, eliminates “saw binding.”

Note: Not a stocked product - call for additional information
Aluminum Planks
Walking planks make working on new and existing construction more accessible. Equipped with pre-drilled stanchion bracket holes for quick field installation of side rails and toe board systems. Side rails are sold separately and highly recommended for your safety. Two man planks are rated for 500 Lbs. Three person planks are rated for 750 Lbs. Refer to the chart for model numbers and dimensions.
Product Specs:
Narrow Shinglers Bracket
Wt. 2 Lbs.: B01635

Wide Shinglers Bracket
Wt. 2 Lbs.: B01645
Shinglers Roof Bracket
Designed for use on shallow pitched roofs. The wide thin strap allows the user to remove the bracket without raising any shingles that may be laid over it. Available narrow and wide. Narrow bracket fits a 2 x 4 on edge and a wide bracket fits a 2 x 4 on the 4” side for a safe foot hold.
Adjustable Roof Bracket
One bracket adjusts to accommodate various roof pitches. A simple locking device is provided to prevent accidental closing after adjustment is made. Fits an 8” plank for a wide horizontal platform. Three simple parts form a sturdy triangle. Folds to make a solid rectangular box for easy storage: Wt. 4 Lbs.: B01500
Three pitches to choose from:
2 x 6 45° (holds plank at 45° to roof pitch)
Wt. 3 Lbs.

2 x 6 60° (holds plank at 60° to roof pitch)
Wt. 3 Lbs.

2 x 6 90° (holds plank at 90° to roof pitch)
Wt. 3 Lbs.
Standard Roof Bracket
For all around roofing. Fits a 6” wide plank tightly. No rocking or tipping. Three notches for fastening to give a firm hold on the roof. Use on all slopes including 1/2” pitch. Long extension bracket can be removed without raising or damaging the shingle.
Reiman Roof Brackets
Product Specs:
Sold two per set
Wt. 1 Lb.: L01550
Ladder Locka
Specify “D” rung or round rung ladder when ordering.
Product Specs:
Rubber Ladder Shoes
Wt. 1 Lbs.: L01600

Aluminum Ladder Shoes
Wt. 2 Lbs.: L01650
Ladder Shoes
Help stabilize the ladder on the ground. Rubber ladder shoes fit most wood ladders. Use aluminum swivel ladder shoes on most aluminum ladders.
Aluminum Ladder Jacks
Fits both “D” rung and round rung Industrial grade ladders. Short body ladder jack is adjustable for proper angle. Accommodates up to an 18” plank. Rated at 250 Lbs. per jack. Sold two per set.
Ladders Ladder Hook with Roller
Secure your ladder to the roof using this clever ladder hook with roller. Roller makes it easy to roll the ladder up to the roof ridge. Proven to help prevent shingle damage. To use, clamp the ladder hook onto the top two rungs of the ladder. Then simply push the ladder to the roof ridge, flip it over so that the hook rests on the opposite side of the ridge. Allows the ladder to lay flat on the roof without sliding down. Fits both “D” rung and round rung ladders.
Ladders Mitts
Use as a support arm to keep the ladder from leaning against delicate surfaces including rain gutters. Clamps onto the ladder with wing nuts. No sharp pointed screws to mar the ladder rails:
Ladder Accessories
Ladders Arms
Use as a support arm to keep the ladder from leaning against delicate surfaces including rain gutters. Clamps onto the ladder with wing nuts. No sharp pointed screws to mar the ladder rails.
Five lengths to choose from:
24’ Fiberglass Extension Ladder - Wt. 58 Lbs. L00600
28’ Fiberglass Extension Ladder - Wt. 66 Lbs. L00650
32’ Fiberglass Extension Ladder - Wt. 79 Lbs. L00700
36’ Fiberglass Extension Ladder - Wt. 92 Lbs L00750
40’ Fiberglass Extension Ladder - Wt. 105 Lbs L00800
Fiberglass Extension Ladders
An industrial ladder with non-conductive fiberglass side rails. Outer mat assures a smooth trouble free surface. Includes a heavy duty aluminum extruded pulley with 5/16” polypropylene rope. Combination aluminum rail shield bracket and shoe with extruded rubber slip resistant foot pad and spur plate. Rated at 300 Lbs., one of the highest in the industry.
Six lengths to choose from:
20’ Aluminum Extension Ladder
Wt. 33 Lbs.

24’ Aluminum Extension Ladder
Wt. 38 Lbs.

28’ Aluminum Extension Ladder
Wt. 45 Lbs.

32’ Aluminum Extension Ladder
Wt. 61 Lbs.

36’ Aluminum Extension Ladder
Wt. 70 Lbs.

40’ Aluminum Extension Ladder
Wt. 78 Lbs.
Aluminum Extension D-Rung Ladders
Designed specifically for industrial use. Rated at 300 Lbs., one of the highest in the industry. Heavy duty ladder shoes included for maximum stability. Six lengths to choose from.