GH Series Roof Rigs
A series of gas-hydraulic airless sprayers yielding high performance and unmatched versatility. By purchasing any one of the “quick-change pump lower kits,” you can convert the unit to accommodate a variety of coatings including elastomerics and tough bonding adhesives. One rig has the ability to do it all. Several of the units are also equipped with Graco’s new Xtreme pump.
Exclusive Quick-Change™ Pump Lowers. Maximizes production.

Siphon heavy coatings directly from drum.

Increases spray time and reduces changeover.

Quick disconnects makes clean-up easy.

High pressure rigs. Use smaller diameter hose or longer hose lengths for maximum efficiency and coverage.

Easily customize your rig for each coating. No need to purchase additional rigs.

Powered by a 16 h.p. Kohler engine.

Accessories sold separately.
Quick Change Pump Kits
Model #948728 GH1015 Pump Lower (1000 p.s.i., 15 g.p.m.) S04934
Model #948734 GH2075 Pump Lower (1800 p.s.i., 7.5 g.p.m.) S04933
Model #948731 GH2560 Pump Lower (2400 p.s.i., 6.0 g.p.m.) S04932
Model #687329 GH3640 Pump Lower w/Xtreme pump lower (3600 p.s.i., 3.8 g.p.m.) S04938
Model #570183 GH5030 Pump Lower w/Xtreme pump lower (4900 p.s.i., 2.8 g.p.m.) S04931.
Fluid Displacement Pump Repair Kits
Specify pump size when ordering.

Model #965-165 GH1015 (223-439): S04947
Model #965-171 GH2075 (222-879): S04946
Model #965-168 GH2560 (222-849): S04945
Model #687-327 GH3640: Call
Model #687-100 GH5030: Call
Model #965-171 GH733 (220-395): S04944
Model #244-852 28:1 Extreme Repair Kit: S04949.Q
HJ 4520 Cold Process Sprayer
The 4520 sprayer from Hennes-Johnson represents the Roofing Industry standard for the airless application of Modified Bitumen Adhesives, Elastomeric Coatings, and Waterproofing Emulsions. With a perfect balance of 4500 psi fluid pressure, 5 gpm flow, and 20 hp Honda driven hydraulic power pack, the model 4520 is ready to handle your toughest spray demands including applications using dual tip nozzles and multiple spray guns. Our innovative direct feed design makes working from 55 gallon drums a “snap” and is easily adapted to draw from transportable bulk tanks and large capacity tankers.
20 hp Honda V-Twin gasoline engine with electric start, low oil shut-down, full pressure lubrication, and side discharge exhaust system.

Quick displacement pump change out ability for increased versatility.

Easy to use dashboard controls with multi function pressure gauge.

12 volt DC component access port for instant power link to in-line heating unit.

“No Creep” positive lift cylinder lock.

Full 2" intake tube with large flow capacity inlet screen.

Auxiliary access port to quickly add hydraulic mixers, hydraulic powered hose reels, or hydraulic transfer pumps.
Product Specs:

Working Pressure: 4500 psi ( 280 bar )

Max. Cycles Per Min.: 60

Gallons Per Minute: 5 US (18.90 liter)

Length: 70 in.

Height: 70 in.

Width: 39 in.

Shipping Weight bare 950 lbs. ( 430 kg)
Model #233660 HydraMax 350 Bare w/Xtreme pump lower (4000 p.s.i., 3.5 g.p.m.): Call
Model #231733 GH733 Bare w/Xtreme pump lower (3500 p.s.i., 3.0 g.p.m.): S04929
Model #965165 GH1015 Roof Rig Bare (1000 p.s.i., 15.0 g.p.m.): S04930
Model #965171 GH2075 Roof Rig Bare (1800 p.s.i., 7.5 g.p.m.): S04925
Model #965168 GH2560 Roof Rig Bare (2400 p.s.i., 6.0 g.p.m.): S04920
Model #687327 GH3640 Roof Rig Bare w/Xtreme pump lower (3600 p.s.i., 3.8 g.p.m.):S04918
Model #687100 GH5030 Roof Rig Bare w/Xtreme pump lower (4900 p.s.i., 2.8 g.p.m.):S04915
GH 833 "Big Rig"
Graco’s GH 833 is the answer for high production professional contractors who demand uninterrupted performance spraying the widest range of materials
Exclusive MaxLife™ Endurance Pump includes QuikChange™ Pump System and QuikAccess™ Intake Valve to eliminate down-time.

Heavy Duty Cooling System with large 4-gallon reservoir and durable hydraulic filter extends life.

Exclusive Graco Hydraulic System with faster, more responsive changeover and high-precision pressure control.

Flow-through filter system with inside/out design eliminates clogged filters.

Honda Power - 390 cc (11.0 hp @ 3600 rpm) to deliver maximum performance.
Product Specs:

Max Tip: .065

Max psi/bar: 4000/276

Max gpm/lpm: 4.0/15.1

Weight lbs/kg: 350/158

Engine: Honda 390 cc / 11.0 hp @ 3600 rpm (Honda Net RPM Statement)
GH 300 Gas Hydraulic Air Sprayer
Hydraulic Sprayer
The GH 300 is one of the most powerful hydraulic sprayers for high production contractors who are spraying a wide range of materials including latex, elastomerics to block fillers on large commercial jobs.
Product Specs:

Max Tip: .057

Max psi/bar: 3300/227

Max gpm/lpm: 3.0/11.4

Weight: 195/87.8

Gun Support -
(1) Guns with .057,
(2) Guns with .039,
(3) Guns with .033,
(4) Guns with .029,
(5) Guns with .025,
(6) Guns with .023

Engine: Honda 270 cc / 8.0 hp @ 3600 rpm (Honda Net RPM Statement
Exclusive ProConnect™ no-tool pump removal and installation system (patent pending).

Exclusive MaxLife™ Endurance™ Pump - Graco's best pump.

Exclusive crush-proof rock catcher system provides ultimate protection (patent pending).

Flow-through Easy Out™ manifold filter for better filtering and faster flushing during clean-up.

Powerful and dependable 270 cc (8.0 hp @ 3600 rpm) Honda motor with Oil Alert.
HJ1802 Power Roller System
Apply EPDM fully adhered materials on buildings where noise levels are a factor. Equipped with a silent twin tank Co2 power supply, an extra-large 20 gallon material tank (ASME certified) and flotation tires for less sheet penetration, this system will do the job with perfection. Available with 12” or 18” rollers. Contact Cleasby for Product Specs
HJ1804 Double Power Roller System
Apply fully adhered single ply systems
twice as fast; 75 to 125 squares per day with Hennes-Johnson’s power roller system. Includes an extra large 20 gallon material tank – minimizes refill down time. Unit is powered by a 4 h.p. Honda, direct drive compressor. Equipped with an ASME Certified pressure vessel material tank, and your choice of a 12” or 18” internal feed roller head assembly. Flotation tires make it nearly impossible to penetrate the membrane while minimizing insulation sheet depression. Exclusive easy clean tank port requires minimal maintenance
Product Number: S04969
Roller-Head Assemblies
Internal-feed for flat or vertical app.

Twin-feed for uniform roller application.

Large pipe design for maximum flow.

Roller designed for multi-day use

Made for solvent based products.

Available in 3 sizes: 6” - 12” - 18”