Cleasby Manufacturing offers the leader in rooftop delivery through its company Cleasby Conveyors in Clearfield, UT.

Cleasby’s mechanics have proven experience in repairing conveyors, turntables and stabilizers. Repairs can be performed in one of our three repair facilities site. Minor repairs can be performed in the field. We can repair a conveyor while your crew waits, cutting your down time by not having to bring the equipment into one of our facilities.

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Cleasby Conveyors
362 S. Main
Clearfield, UT 84015
TOLL FREE:  (800) 453-2446
Phone: (801) 773-1311
Fax: (801) 773-8608
Benefits to customer:

Quick response time eliminates costly down time.

Maintenance extends the lifetime of your equipment.

Qualified mechanics lends to the job being done correct the first time.

Experience and expertise in repairing roof related equipment.

Competent to perform repairs in the field, job site, yard site, or roadside.