Roofer's Axe
A single bit axe forged from high carbon tool steel that has been heat treated, tempered and highly polished. Curved hickory wood handle is hydraulically pressed into the head for a perfect fit
Product Specs:

Wt. 4 Lbs.
Wood Handle: A00050
Fiberglass Handle: A00051
Nail Bars
Heavy duty solid steel nail blade welded to a steel handle is specifically designed for removing shingles, felts and insulations quickly.
Product Specs:

4” Nail Bar (A)
Wt. 12 Lbs.

7” Nail Bar (B)
Wt. 14 Lbs
Scaper Bars
Designed for easy removal of adhered plys from the roof deck including gravel and hot applied materials. Heavy duty steel construction with steel tube handle. Blades are constructed from spring steel.
Product Specs:

31/2” Scraper Bar (B)
Wt. 8 Lbs.

7” Scraper Bar (A)
Wt. 9 Lbs.

31/2” Replacement Blade

7” Replacement Blade
Vaughn Flat Pry Bar
“Shepherd’s Crook” rocker head is designed for maximum prying power. A 15” length with three beveled nail slots provides excellent leverage. Forged, spring tempered steel for heavy duty use. Polished, sharp blades for easy insertion
Product Specs:

Wt. 2 Lbs. - B00300
Estwing Super "I" Beam Bar
A narrow prybar forged “I” beam construction for strength. Three beveled nail slots. Polished with sharp blades. Measures 18” in length
Product Specs:

Wt. 2 Lbs. - B00350
Midwest Nail Bar
A one-of-a-kind bar with an angled head eliminates the need to stoop over for extended periods of time when removing composition shingles, capsheet and nailed base sheets
Product Specs:

Wt. 7 Lbs.
Mop Handles
Product Specs:

8’ x 10’ (80 square feet): T00830
10’ x 20’ (200 square feet): T00833
12’ x 18’ (216 square feet): T00835
12’ x 20’ (240 square feet): T00836
15’ x 20’ (300 square feet): T00840
Quick Snaps: T00825

Custom Sizes Available
Black Mesh Debris Tarps
Made from heavy duty RFL mesh. Seams are triple stitched for durability. Grometed every 30 inches. Great for covering truck beds and debris trailers.
Product Specs:

9’ x 12’': T00810
12’ x 16’: T00815
20’ x 40’: T00820
50’ x 50’: T00822
Poly Tarp
Heavy duty reinforced poly tarp is tear resistant and constructed of a 10/10 cross weave. Rust proof aluminum gromets on each corner and every 36”. Ideal for protection from rain, wind and dirt.
Product Specs:

6’ x 6’: S03450
8’ x 8': S03500
Dirt Slings
Nylon slings are perfect for hoisting debris, tools, etc. to and from the roof. Sewn and reinforced straps boast a breaking point at 6,000 Lbsp.
Product Specs:

Wt. 2 Lbs.
#310 Rubber Knee Pads
Molded rubber knee pads come with adjustable web straps with slide buckles for a secure fit.
Product Specs:

Wt. 2 Lbs.
#V310 Rubber Knee Pads
Molded rubber knee pads come with adjustable elastic Velcro straps for a comfortable secure fit.
Product Specs:

Heavy Duty Two Pocket Pouch
Roofer’s standard nail pouch is nylon stitched and reinforced with rivets for long lasting wear. Fits belts up to 21/4” wide.
Product Specs:

Single Pocket Pouch
Large capacity leather nail pouch is nylon stitched and reinforced with rivets for long lasting wear. Fits belts up to 21/4” wide
Product Specs:

Double Knife Sheath
Holds two standard utility knives. Plastic liners held in place and reinforced with rivets to prevent blades from cutting through. Fits belts up to 4” wide
Product Specs:

Knife Sheath
Holds standard utility knives. Leather lined and reinforced with rivets keeps knife blades from cutting through. Fits belts up to 21/2” wide
Product Specs:

Hatchet and Knife Combo Holder
Holds both tools in one durable leather holder. Fits belts up to 21/4” wide
Product Specs:

Hatchet Holder
Steel cradle mounted to a durable leather backing holds hatchet in place. Fits belts up to 21/4” wide
Product Specs:

12” Inspector’s Thermometer
with Angled Handle: T01125

15” Wood Handle Inspector’s
Thermometer: T01600
Inspector's Thermometer
Product Specs:

Wt. 3 Lbs.: T01206
Offers high and low alarms. Calculates maximum, minimum and average temperatures within an expanded temperature range of -4 to 932°F. Includes precision laser sighting that pinpoints the spot you want to measure
Product Specs:

Wt. 3 Lbs.: T01200
Delivers fast, accurate temperature readings from 0 to 750°F.
Infra-Red Thermometer
Ideal for hazardous, hot and hard to reach materials. Simply aim, pull the trigger and read the temperature. Includes back lit displays for easy viewing. Accurately reads targets as small as .8” in diameter. Pick from two models.
Product Specs:

Wood Spade Handle only: S03850
Nupla Fiberglass Handle only: S03875
Spade Head only: S04075
Reinforced Spade Head only: S04100
Replacement Parts
Product Specs:

Spade - Wt. 6 Lbs.: S03950
Spade w/ Reinforced Back - Wt. 6.5 Lbs.: S04000
Spade w/ Welded Step - Wt. 6.5 Lbs.: S04050
Fiberglass Handle Spades
Fiberglass handle is guaranteed against breaking under normal working conditions.
Product Specs:

AMES - Wt. 4 Lbs.: S03812
Pitch Fork
Product Specs:

Spade - Wt. 5.5 Lbs.: S04040
Spade with Reinforced Back- Wt. 6 Lbs.: S04045
Spade with Welded Step - Wt. 6 Lbs.; S03800
Spade Serrated with Welded Step - Wt. 6 Lbs.: S03815
Wood Handle Spades
Product Specs:

18” (B) - Wt. 2 Lbs.: S05375
24” - Wt. 2.5 Lbs.: S05330
36” (A) - Wt. 3 Lbs.: S05250
Product Specs:

18” - Wt. 2 Lbs.: S05350
24” (D) - Wt. 2.25 Lbs.: S05320
36” - Wt. 2.5 Lbs.: S05400
Notched Squeegees
Spreads a dense layer of emulsion. Handle sold separately.
Straight Blade Squeegees
Spreads a thin uniform layer of emulsion, or use to remove water from the roof. Requires tapered handle. Handle sold separately.
Product Specs:

Wt. 1 Lb.

Wt. 1 Lb.
WISS Scissors
Cuts single-ply materials.
Knot Brushes
Tampico fiber brush available with three or four knots secured in a hardwood block. Require a tapered wood handle. Handle sold separately.
Product Specs:

3-Knot Brush
Wt. 1.5 Lbs.

4-Knot Brush
Wt. 2 Lbs.
Calsomine Brush
Hand held white Tampico fiber brush set in a wax tumbled hardwood block with a 6 3/4” handle attached. (pictured above with Knot Brushes)
Product Specs:

Wt. 8 Oz. Lbs.
Chip Brushes
Constructed of a white Chinese bristles that are vulcanized in rubber and attached to a smooth sanded handle with a tin ferrule.
Product Specs:

2” Chip Brush
Wt. 4 Oz.

3” Chip Brush
Wt. 4 Oz.

4” Chip Brush
Wt. 4 Oz.
Parallel Frame #111
Delivers three times more thrusting power. Built in features include spout cutter, thumb release, hex push rod and ladder hook.
Product Specs:

Wt. 2 Lbs.
Open Caulk Gun
Caulking gun specifically designed to allow the user to change cartridges out quickly. Takes standard nozzle cartridges.
Product Specs:

Wt. 1.5 Lbs.
Model #32 RCT 10" Caulking Gun
Combination bulk loading gun with ratchet-rod action. Use to load bulk material, standard cartridges and 16 ounce cartridges with or without spouts.
Product Specs:

Wt. 3 Lbs.
Broom Handles
Product Specs:

60” Tapered Wood Handle (A)
Wt. 2 Lbs.

60” Threaded Wood Handle (B)
Wt. 2 Lbs.

60” Metal Threaded Wood Handle (C)
Wt. 2 Lbs.

60” Steel Broom Handle (D)
Wt. 4 Lbs.
Product Specs:

M-1R (cuts left)
Wt. 1 Lb.

M-2R (cuts right)
Wt. 1 Lb.

M-3R (cuts straight, left or right, light stock.)
Wt. 1 Lb.
WISS Tin Snips
Non-slip serrated jaws made from wear-resistant steel withstands the strain of cutting heavy stock and tight curves. Vinyl grips for safety and comfort. Available in three sizes.
Product Specs:

Wt. 1 Lbs.
Straight Cut Aviation Snips
Cuts straight and wide curves to the left and right. Trim cuts soft sheet metal and other roofing materials.
Product Specs:

Wt. 3 Lbs.
Slate Cutter
Cuts hips, valleys and half slate without any waste. Leaves the same chamfered edge. Blade is made of case hardened tool steel and mounted in a steel frame on 3/4” waterproof plywood
Product Specs:

Wt. 30 Lbs.
Cuts standard and metric 3-tab and laminate shingles, Tri-laminates and T-locks.

Cuts valleys, starter strip, hips and ridges.

Cuts shingles for a rake or vertical wall prior to installation. Eliminates gauging shingles at the rake or vertical wall.

Set your own pattern. Includes four steel adjustment bars that lock in place for precision cutting. Adjust bars to accommodate shingle dimensions.

Remove blade and sharpen for continuous use.

Work platform 36”W X 16 1/2”H, overall dimensions 36”W X 24”H.
Universal Shingle Cutter
Get guaranteed flawless cuts every time with our patented Universal Shingle Cutter
Product Specs:

#10 - Wt. 4 Lbs.: S02650
#12 - Wt. 4 Lbs.: S02700
#14 - Wt. 4 Lbs.: S02750
Aluminum Wood Handle Scoops
Handle is encased in an Armor “D” grip that can’t come loose. Aluminum scoop head is made from aluminum alloy for strength and balance.
Product Specs:

#4 - Wt. 6 Lbs.: S02350
#6 - Wt. 6.5 Lbs.: S02400
#8 - Wt. 7 Lbs.: S02450
#10 - Wt. 7.5 Lbs.: S02500
Steel "D" Wood Handle Scoops
Handle is encased in an Armor “D” grip that can’t come loose. Steel scoop head is durable and made to last.
Product Specs:

12” Carbide Saw Blade w/ 5/8” arbor
Wt. 1.2 Lbs.

12” Carbide Saw Blade w/ 1” arbor
Wt. 1.2 Lbs.
Carbide Saw Blades
Product Specs:

7” Dry Cut Diamond Blade
Wt. .8 Lbs.

9” Dry Cut Diamond Blade
Wt. 1.2 Lbs.
12” Dry Cut Diamond Blade
Wt. 2.35 Lbs.
Diamond Saw Blades
Product Specs:

K2300 EL Saw (without blade)
Wt. 20 Lbs.
Product Specs:

K650 Saw (without R01150)
Wt. 20.5 Lbs.
Centrifugal force of the cooling fan separates heavier dust and dirt particles from intake air.

Cleaner air is then pumped into the filter chamber

which contains a 3-stage oil soaked foam filter.

A pleated paper filter provides an extra guarantee that

the intake air is free from dirt.

Accommodates a 12” diamond blade. Blade sold separately.
Partner® Eelectric Saw Model K2300EL
Powerful electric cutter that offers 20% more torque making this saw one of the most efficient electric saws available. Large 12” blade provides a cutting depth of 4”. Blade guard adjusts easily for each job, and is equipped with an exhaust port. Can be used with the Partner Dustmaster relocation system or any industrial vacuum cleaner. Powered by a motor with an active rotor/field coil volume that is 17% larger. Provides lower current consumption and operating temperature. Includes an electronic circuit that interrupts the current if the machine is subjected to overloading. Blade is sold separately.
Partner® Gas Saw Model K650
First Cut-Off saw to feature an Active Air Filtration System.
Product Specs:

9” Roller: R00800
9” Roller Cage: R00825
14” Roller only: R00900
18” Roller only: R01050
Adjustable Frame only: R01100
End caps: R01150
Emulsion Rollers
Use to apply roof coatings including asphalt primer, emulsion and aluminum. Three sizes to choose from, frames sold separately.
Product Specs:

Wt. 5 Lbs.
Mop Wringer
Rid mops of excess asphalt. Metal hangers hold the wringer in position.
Product Specs:

6’ Wood Handle: M03250
8’ Wood Handle: M03300
6’ Fiberglass Handle: M03350
8’ Fiberglass Handle: M03400
6’ Aluminum Handle: M03450
8’ Aluminum Handle: M03500
Product Specs:

1# Mop Rings: M01800
1# Mop Rings (50 or more): M01850
Cleasby Compression Head - Wt. 2 Lbs.: M03000
Luco Fiberglass Mop Rings
Product Specs:

2.1# Midget (ea.): M01900 7# Sampson (ea.): M02350
4.# Champion (ea.). ...M02050
5.5# Giant (ea.): M02200
7# Sampson (ea.): M02350
8.5# Monster (ea.): M02500
10# Hercules (ea.): M02650
11.5# Big Man (ea.): M02800

Mop holders for fiberglass mops - Wt. 1 Lb.: M02950
*Quantity pricing available.
Kirby Fiberglass Mops
Requires 6’ or 8’ wood, fiberglass or aluminum mop handles. Handles sold separately.
Cotton Roller Mops and Frames
Product Specs:

12” Luco Roller Mop - Wt. 1.5 Lbs.: M03050
12” Metal Roller Frame - Wt. 2 Lbs. - M03150
18” Luco Roller Mop - Wt. 2 Lbs.: M03100
18” Metal Roller Fame - Wt. 2.5 Lbs.: M03200

*Use w/ 6’ or 8’ wood mop handles. Handles sold separately
Product Specs:

Wt. 2.5 Lbs.

Extra probe with pin 21-E
(for insulation and roof decks)

Short probe with pin 2-E
(for plaster, masonry and wood)
Delmhorst Moisture Meter
(Model BD-10)
Measures moisture content levels in wood within a 40% range. Color-coded reference scale provides qualitative dryto- wet readings on non-wood materials. Features also include built-in battery, calibration checks and temperature stable circuit. Includes a short-probe for plaster, masonry and wood and a long probe for insulation and roof decks, comes in a plastic carrying case. Requires one nine-volt alkaline battery, battery included.
Product Specs:

Wt. 3 Lbs
Tramex Leak Seeker
Locates moisture beneath the roof’s waterproof layer without cutting the surface. An audible and visible signal simplifies the job of tracing the moisture back to point of entry. Penetrates smooth surfaces and dry ballast layers using two ranges of sensitivity. Requires two nine-volt batteries, batteries included.
Product Specs:

1-24 Rolls - F01995
2-3 Pallets - F02005
1 Pallet - F02000
4 or More Pallets - F02010
Irish Flax
Black sheathing made from flax and jute fibers, impregnated with bitumen. Used as an underlay for mastic asphalt, forming a perfect isolating membrane between the asphalt and the substructure in roofing and flooring. Twenty-five rolls per pallet. Weight per roll 34 Lbs.
Product Specs:

4” x 150’ Roll. (18 per case)
Wt. 6.5 ea Lbs.

6” x 150’ Roll. (12 per case)
Wt. 1.5 ea. Lbs.

36” x 150’ Roll. (6 per case)
Wt. 6.5 ea. Lbs.
Yellow Glass Fabric
Fiberglass fabric/resin coated.
Product Specs:

4” x 150’ Roll. (18 per case)
Wt. 2 Lbs.

6” x 150’ Roll. (12 per case)
Wt. 4 Lbs.
Cotton Fabric
Cotton fabric, asphalt saturated.
Product Specs:

Single Wheel - Wt. 2 Lbs. - T00600
Dual Wheel - Wt. 2 Lbs. - T00650
3’ Circumference Wheel - Wt. 4 Lbs. - T00700
Redimeasure Measuring Wheels
Measures 1,000 ft. maximum. Three figures — white on black indicating feet, one figure, black on white indicating inches. Push button to reset back to zero. Handle reaches 39” fully extended on single and dual wheeled models and 44” on the 3’ wheeled model.
Knife Blades
Product Specs:

A. U101 Straight, Angle Tip Blade: K14450
B. U103 Felt Slitter Blade: K14300
C. U100 Straight, Square Tip Blade: K14400
D. U102 Bow-tie Blade: K14500
E. U104 Hook Blade: K14510
F. Stanley Straight Blade: K14550
G. Stanley Hook Blade: K14600
Product Specs:

Wt. 2.5 Lbs.
Cuts all shapes and difficult grooves.

Heats in six seconds.

Heats only when the trigger is depressed.

One four-inch blade included.
Hot Knife
Provides continuous heat to the blade to cut foam insulation quickly and easily
Product Specs:

Wt 5 Oz.
Stanley Utility Knife #299
Fixed blade utility knife with extra blade storage in the handle, includes three straight blades.
Product Specs:

Wt 1 Lbs.
Roofer's Utility Knife
Standard roofer’s utility knife equipped with extra blade storage in the handle; includes three bow-tie blades.
Product Specs:

Wt 2 Lbs.
Right Hander: H00825
Left Hander: H00826
Slaters Hammer
Forged from high quality tool steel and equipped with a point, claw and hammer face that has been specially heat treated to withstand hard usage. Use the claw for pulling nails and the beveled steel edge of the handle to cut slate. Specify right or left handed when ordering.
Product Specs:

Wt. 3 Lbs.
Gravel Spring Steel Broom
A gravel broom made to last. All steel broom head, measuring 16-3/4” long, offers 4” steel spring blade projection. Requires a tapered broom handle. Handle sold separately.
Product Specs:

16” Gravel Plastic Broom
Wt. 2 Lbs.

24” Gravel Plastic Broom
Wt. 5 Lbs.
Gravel Plastic Push Broom
An industrial use polypropylene plastic bristle broom with wide flare ends for close sweeping. Requires a tapered wood handle. Handle sold separately.
Product Specs:

30” Palmyra Broom with Brace
Wt. 4 Lbs.

36” Palmyra Broom with Brace
Wt. 5 Lbs.
Palmyra Brooms
Industrial bristle broom ideal for felt smoothing and gravel sweeping. Equipped with a steel brace. Requires a threaded broom handle. Handle sold separately.
Product Specs:

18” Horse Hair Broom withHandle
Wt. 5 Lbs.

24” Horse Hair Broom withHandle
Wt. 7 Lbs.
Horse Hair Brooms
Ideal warehouse broom constructed of soft grey horsehair set in a lacquered hardwood block. Includes a wood handle with metal threads.
Product Specs:

T-Handle - Wt. 7 Lbs. - B00550

D-Handle - Wt. 7 Lbs. - B00550.A
Cleasby Roof Ripper Bar
Minimize time and labor when tearing off a roof using these leaf-spring bars. Removes felt and shakes in one easy operation.
Product Specs:

Wt. 4 Lbs. - R00725
Slate Ripper Bar
Solid carbon steel construction. Taper ground blade front to back provides maximum flexibility and optimum strength. This extremely thin blade allows the user to get under a broken piece of slate to do repair work without damaging other slate tiles
Product Specs:

De Tar Cleaner – 22 oz Spray Bottle

Asphalt Remover
Powerful biodegradable solvent specifically formulated for removing oil, grease, tar, asphalt, creosote, dirt and grime without the use of ozone depleting solvents.
Product Specs:

40” Electric Felt Slitter (pictured)
Wt. 235 Lbs.

40” Manual Felt Slitter
Wt. 180 Lbs

Felt Slitter Blades
Felt Slitter
Choose either our manually operated or motorized felt slitter for faster and more accurate cutting. Use to cut full width or smaller rolls of single-ply membranes, modified bitumen, EPDM, roll roofing, rag and fiberglass felts. Knife blade settings are on one-inch centers.
Product Specs:

Core Cutter
A Cleasby exclusive! Determine the composition of a roof with our exclusive core cutter. The first cutter with heat-tempered teeth for long lasting wear. Takes 2” core samples in minutes..
Product Specs:

Wt. 4 Lbs.
Model #145 RCT 14" Caulking Gun
Designed with a 16” full barrel for bulk material handling only. Approximate capacity is 80 ounces.
Product Specs:

AJC Blades - H00250
Estwing Blades - H00260
Product Specs:

Screw type gauge for AJC-Plumb-Vaughan - H00100
Sliding Gauge for AJC - H00150
H-59 Lath Hatchet Gauges - H00500
Backing Plates for AJC Hatchets - H00200
Plumb Shingle Hatchet #11558
Smooth black head, tested red handle with shingle gauge and leather permabond strap to keep handle tight.
Product Specs:

2 Lbs.
Plumb Lath Hatchet #11544
Polished finish, thin blade, checkered oval head, tested red handle
Product Specs:

2 Lbs.
Estwing Shingling Hatchet E-3-S
Use on wood shakes, metric and standard shingles. Equipped with a comfortable nylon-vinyl grip handle, milled head and gauge that adjusts every half-inch.
Product Specs:

2 Lbs.
Estwing Composition Hatchet E3-CA
Perfect for metric and standard composition shingles. Equipped with a comfortable nylon-vinyl grip handle, head is milled and includes a replaceable retractable blade with gauge
Product Specs:

2 Lbs.
Vaughan Lath Hatchet
Equipped with a milled, crowned face thin blade with beveled nail slot secured to a full-grip hickory handle. Boasts a 2 1/8” cut.
Product Specs:

2 Lbs.
Vaughan Shingling Hatchet
Designed with a three hole positive gauge in 1/2” increments. Includes a milled, crowned face, draw-knife inner blade with nail slot. Head is secured to a full-grip hickory handle. Boasts a 2 1/8” cut.
Product Specs:

2 Lbs.
AJC Hatchet with Sliding Guage
Gauge adjusts on both sides of the head. Accommodates settings up to 55/8” making it possible to gauge metric shingles. Gauge and blade included.
Product Specs:

2 Lbs.
AJC Hatchet with Fixed Guage
Gauges standard and metric shingles. Screw gauge can be set for 4,” 5” or 5 5/8” exposure. Double point blades are easily changed by simply loosening two screws. Blade and gauge included