Hydraulic Powered Hoist
Transport heavy bulk loads of single ply membrane, gravel and other related materials to the roof with ease using a Reimann Georger Hydraulic Powered HS series swing hoist. Sets up quickly using self locking pins to join the parts together. The power up and down feature puts the operator in complete control. Includes a separate winch and power unit to make this unit easy to handle. Includes 150’ of cable. A 300’ cable is available as an option. Two models to choose from. Trolley Tracks also available as an option.
Gravel Bucket 800
7 cubic foot capacity. Bottom discharge with positive shutoff valve stops flow between loads. Low profile allows more clearance under the hoist frame.
Product Specs:

Overall dimensions 30” W x 30” D x 29” H. Bottom opening measures 10” x 10”.
- Wt. 80 Lbs. H02500
Gravel Bucket 1600
14 cubic foot capacity and holds 1,600 Lbs. Includes a discharge with positive shut-off to stop the flow between loads.
Product Specs:

Overall dimensions are 30” W x 30” D x 41” H. Bottom opening measures 10” x 10”.
- Wt. 150 Lbs. H02525
Trash Tray
Remove materials from the roof safely with either a 400 Lb. or 1,200 Lb. capacity all steel constructed trash tray. Includes cable assembly
Product Specs:

Model 400: 61” W x 33” D x 12” H
Wt. 63 Lbs. H02455

Model 1200: 90” W x 40” D x 12” H
Wt. 165 Lbs. H02460
Hoisting Forks
HF 1000
Fabricated from rectangular tubing. Extensions pivot on the fork and fold out to form a cradle for holding rolls of felt.
Product Specs:

Overall dimensions are 38” W x 60” H x 35” D.
Wt. 163 Lbs. H02550
HF 2000
Heavy duty 36” fork extensions and 6” pivoting material keepers at the end of each fork blade. Large 68” material load clearance. Twelve rolls can be safely nested.
Product Specs:

Wt. 225 Lbs.: H02656
Measures: 38” W x 63” H x 46” D.
Cleasby Two-Piece
Hand Powered Hoist
Our Two-Piece Hand Beam is an inexpensive and efficient means for transporting materials to the roof. Light weight and easy to assemble. Load the large counter weight basket with cement blocks to support the Two-piece Hand Beam and offset the weight of the hoisted materials. Lifting capacity is 300 Lbs. Hoisting wheel, rope and bucket sold separately. Cement blocks available at most building material houses.
Hoisting Cable
Hoisting Cable
1/4” Hoisting Cable: per ft. "H03550
1/16” & 5/32” Hoisting Cable: per ft. H03600
Cable Thimble Installed: H03650
1/4” Cable Clamps: H03750
Swivel Safety Hook (Rated at 2,000 Lbs.): H03400
Product Specs:

Two-Piece Hand Beam - Wt. 127 Lbs.: B00600

Boom only - Wt. 80 Lbs.: B00650

“A” Frame only - Wt. 47 Lbs.: B00700
Hand Powered Swing Beam Hoist
Reimann & Georger’s SH 300 series hand powered swing beam hoist includes a boom that automatically locks in place when hoisting and unloading material. Boom swings to the right or left and allows the operator to safely unload materials back from the roof edge. Use to lift swing and trolley hoists to the roof and other light weight equipment and materials.
Product Specs:

Lifting capacity is 300 Lbs.

Requires a counterweight of 600 Lbs.

Boom height is 7’ with an overhang of 4’.

Fence kit sold separately.

SH 300. - Wt. 222 Lbs.: H02451
Ballast Weights
A simple 3-piece snap lock design, all steel encased, makes these weights sturdy and easy to carry. Weights are packaged in knock down form and when assembled, included concrete filling, each unit weighs 50 Lbs. Available in packages of 6 or 10
Product Specs:

6 Pack: H02450.A

10 Pack: H02450.B
Hoisting Wheel with Safety Latch
A 12” hoisting wheel that hooks onto a hand beam and accommodates 3/4” rope. Made of hard cast aluminum and is encased in a solid steel frame. Roller bearing and heavy duty swivel hook w/ safety latch
Product Specs:

Wt. 9 Lbs. H02700.
Ladder Derrick
Use your ladder as a convenient operational hoist for transporting light weight tools and supplies to the roof. Attach the ladder derrick to any two ladder rungs. Secure derrick to the rungs using the attached locking pins. Available with a long handle that measures 24” from the ladder mounting point. Short handle ladder derrick also available to accommodate tighter areas. Both models use 3/4” rope. Rope sold separately.
A. Short Handle Ladder Derrick

B. Long Handle Ladder Derrick
Product Specs:

Short Handle Ladder Derrick
Wt. 10 Lbs.: H02800

Long Handle Ladder Derrick
Wt. 12 Lbs.: H02850
A. Large Rope Hook with Spring Latch

B. Small Handline Hook with Safety Latch
Hoisting Hooks
Product Specs:

Large Rope hook with
Safety Latch (A) : H03300

Small Handline Hook with
Safety Latch (B): H03350
A. Manila Rope Cut to Length with or without Safety Hook

B. Manila Rope

C. Poly Truck Rope
Hoisting Rope
Product Specs:

50’ x 1/4”: R02250

50’ x 3/8”: R02350

50’ x 1/2”: R02450

100’ x 1/4”: R02300

100’x 3/8”: R02400

100’ x 1/2”: R02500
Product Specs:

3/4” Full Coil (600’)
Wt. 102 Lbs.: R01900

1/2” Full Coil (600’)
Wt. 45 Lbs. R01960
Manila Rope
Pre- Packages Manila Rope
Poly Truck Rope (C.H.P. Rated)
Product Specs:

3/8” x 600’ Full Coil.
Wt. 17 Lbs.: R02000

1/2” x 600’ Full Coil
Wt. 28 Lbs. R02005

5/8” x 600’ Full Coil.
Wt. 45 Lbs. R02010

3/4” x 600’ Full Coil.
Wt. 65 Lbs. R02015
Rope with Hook Installed
Product Specs:

3/4” x 60’ Manilla Rope with
Safety Hook: R02575

3/4” x 75’ Manilla Rope with
Safety Hook: R02580

3/4” x 100’ Manilla Rope with
Safety Hook: R02600
Pro-Platform Hoist
Reimann Georger has engineered a whole new platform hoist that requires no lifting to assemble. Lightweight and easy to transport. Assembles with minimal effort.
• Mounts to 1st and 3rd track cross ties. Eliminates having to lift it into place.

• A wheeled unit. Makes transporting the unit almost effortless.

• Single control lever and pulleys with large polymer sheaves. Makes the hoist safe, easy to operate and requires minimal effort. Polymer sheaves prolong the life of the cable.

• Track sections assemble easily. Uses splice plates, bolts and lock nuts.

• Heavy cast aluminum shoes on 16’ base track are standard.

• Preferred brake rope design. Allows for feathering of the brake making it a smooth, controlled descent of the platform.
Product Specs:

PRO400 w/ 28’ of ladder & 4 h.p.
Briggs & Stratton gas engine
Wt. 317 Lbs.- CALL

PRO400 w/ 28’ of ladder & 4 h.p.
Honda gas engine
Wt. 323 Lbs - CALL

PRO400 w/ 44’ of ladder & 4 h.p.
Briggs & Stratton gas engine
Wt. 408 Lbs - CALL

PRO400 w/ 44’ of ladder & 4 h.p.
Honda gas engine
Wt. 414 Lbs - CALL
Pro-Platform Hoist Accessories
Gravel Hopper
Gravel hopper clamps on platform. Handles granular materials and discharges the load into wheelbarrows or gravel spreaders
Roller Angle Guide
Six-foot roller angle guide is equipped with ball bearing wheels to carry materials away from the top of shallow inclines
Product Specs:
Wt. 43 Lbs.
Telescoping track Supporter
Telescoping track support provides extra support when track is extended over 28’. Recommended for any height when gravelling.
Product Specs:
Wt. 52 Lbs.
Plywood & Truss Carrier
Handles awkward materials such as plywood, wallboard panels, windows and roof trusses.
Product Specs:
Wt. 10 Lbs.
Lifting capacity is 1,000 Lbs. and is powered by an 8 h.p. Briggs & Stratton engine - Wt. 959 Lbs.H02300

The safest and easiest to operate. No wrenches required to assemble. Lifting capacity is 2,000 Lbs. and is powered by an 10 h.p. Briggs & Stratton engine with electric start. - Wt. 1132 Lbs.: H02450
Product Specs:
Wt. 52 Lbs.