Asphalt Carrying Buckets
Cleasby buckets are uniquely designed with inset bottom and handle punched through the bucket, not attached at the side, so there are no welding points to pull apart. The most durable buckets available. Optional side handles are available for easier pouring.
Product Specs:

Mop Bucket 14" X 14".
Capacity: 9 gal.
Weight: 8 lbs: .B03200

Service Bucket 12" x 14".
Capacity: 6 gal.
Weight: 4 lbs:B03300
A. Mop Bucket with side handle
Weight: 10 lbs: B03250

B. Cleasby insulated bucket with cover.
Capacity: 6 gal.
Weight: 18 lbs: B03175

C. Service Bucket with side handle.
Weight: 5 lbs: B03350

D. Drag Bucket with handle.
Weight: 18 lbs: B03000