The Hurricane, complete with "parallel wheel drive system, has been designed and engineered with all of the quality, performance and reliability needed in a heavy duty tearoff machine.
Product Options and Specs:

Engine: 13 HP Honda with Oil Alert and Electric Start

Drive System: Parallel Wheel Drive System

Wheels: 18 x 9.50 Power Master Chevron Tread, Foam-Filled rubber tire.

Controls: Hydraulic Forward/Reverse with variable speed

Blade: 20" Standard Wide angle blade

Weight" 620 Lbs.

Length: 88 inches

Width: 36 inches

Height: 46 inches
Wheeled Tear-off Bar
Heavy duty all steel wheeled tear-off bar. Includes 10" steel flat blade. 10" shingle blade optional. Weight: 42 lbs.
Product Options:

Wheeled Tear-off Bar: B00150

Optional 10" shingle blade.
Weight: 10 lbs: B00200

Replacement 10" flat blade.
Weight: 3 lbs: B00250
Heavy Duty Power Broom
Convenient three position control for brush angles that are spring loaded with gates for positive positioning of brush; straight to right to left. Equipped with a handle mounted ignition switch, a 6 HP Honda gasoline engine and is self-propelled. Right angle gear drive eliminates serpentine belt drive and need for tension adjustments of belts.
Product Specs:

Weight: 230 lbs:
Power Max Roof Saw
Best designed roof saw in the industry! Known for its "Quick Belt Change", belts are changed in minutes by simply loosening T-bolts and letting the hinged belt guard swing down. Belts last longer because they are away from the cutting side and completely enclosed, protecting them from debris, dirt, and dust. Equipped with a straight carbide blade and a Briggs & Stratton 10 H.P. engine. Other blade and engine options are available.
Product Spec:

Weight: 215 lbs
Roof Saw Blades
Product Options:

Straight carbide blade (A) S00750

Posa Trac I carbide blade

(1 straight blade & 1 offset blade) (B) S01025

Posa Trac II carbide blade (C) S01000

(quad with replaceable tips)

Posa Trac II 12" replaceable tips S01050
Aluminum Feltlayer
"The best felt layer available." Easily adjusts for standard or metric rolls. Holds 10% more asphalt than the competitors. Boasts the lowest loading height for easy loading and maneuvering.
Aluminum Feltlayer Features:

• Lightweight aluminum design.
• Extra strength precision design and lower extruded manifold valve.
• Valve is made of brass to prevent sticking.
• Easy interior cleaning (radius).
• Extra heavy duty square tubing main frame.
• Locking brake unit.
• Easily adjustable manifold flow and felt width.
• Increased visual contact of tar flow.
• All tig welded construction.
• Precision fabricated construction using CNC punching, notching and forming.
• Convenient built-in lift bracket.
• Flip-up roller bar.
Product Options and Specs:

Adjustable Feltlayer: F00630

Adjustable Feltlayer, insulated: F00625

Loading Height: 23"
Tank Capacity: 48 gal.
Weight Non-Insulated (empty): 128 lbs.
Weight Insulated (empty): 158 lbs.

Product Options:

Rotary Planer: S03150

Carbide tip rotary planer blades: S03300

Carbide blade holder: S03340

Rotary Planer
A heavy duty spudding machine built with a balanced fly wheel for minimum vibration and an easy height adjustment handle for maximum adjustability. Has 4 carbide pins for faster spudding and longer pin life. Spuds a 12" wide path. Includes an 8 H.P. Briggs & Stratton engine and a rugged frame with hook up for hoisting. Weight: 220 lbs.
Product Specs:

Mighty Midget Mopper
Mighty Midget Mopper
Large capacity, adjustable mopper comes with a metal chain mop. #6 steel inner screen and two 400 X 8 pneumatic tires. It's low profile balanced design makes this unit highly maneuverable. Used for laying insulation, adhesive application, deck priming, felt application and glazing. Weight: 70 lbs.
Automatic Asphalt Spot Mopper
Ideal for uniform asphalt application on new and re-roofing jobs alike. Used for roof insulation and base sheet applications as well. Easy to use and no lever to operate.Weight: 85 lbs.
Product Options and Specs:

Automatic Asphalt Spot Mopper: M01100

8" X 2.5" replacement wheel: W01425

Vat Width: 30"
Diameter Spots:8"
Capacity: 26 gal.
Available Engines:

• 9 HP Honda (S00915)
• 10 HP Briggs & Stratton (S00725)
• 11 HP Honda (S00920)
(T01001) Hydraulic power to both wheels:

Individually, this makes turning or steering the "Hurricane" a very easy operation.
Power Max Roof Saw II
Offers several of the same desirable features as our original Power Max roof saw including a remote clean air intake, off center blade guards, quick change belt and blade design, plus…

Twin 12” carbide blades with floating blade guards. Posa Trac I and II blades optional.

More than twice the power with a 20 h.p. Honda electric start engine with an oil-alert system.

25” Cutting width. Cut debris fits down trash chutes.

Self-propelled hydrostatic drive. Provides smooth variable speed, forward and reverse. Reduces operator fatigue.

Dimensions: 35”W x 43”H x 72”L.
Product Spec:

Weight: 585 lbs
Available Engines:

• 10 HP Briggs & Stratton (S00725)
• 11 HP Honda (S00920)
Available Engines:

• 10.5 HP Briggs & Stratton (S03150)
• 11 HP Honda (S03152)