Air Conditioning Jacks
Easy to use hand crank adjustable air conditioning jacks. Lifts units weighing up to 2,000 Lbs. 15” high. Sold two per set.
Product Specs:

Wt. 150 Lbs. J00051
Portals Plus "Plus" Pack Roof Drains
Plastic dome with U.V. protection is standard. Cast aluminum, epoxy-coated gravel guard clamping collar is grooved for positive drainage and insures a maximum hold on roofing materials. Includes an expansion coupling to allow for expansion and contraction that enables the installer to connect the drain to various types of piping (two stainless steel clamps included). Available in 3” and 4”. Cast dome strainer available as an option.
Product Specs:

3” PVC Plus Pack with Plastic Dome - V01350
4” PVC Plus Pack with Plastic Dome - V01400
3” Cast Iron Plus Pack - Call
4” Cast Iron Plus Pack - Call
3” Cast Aluminum Plus Pack - Call
4” Cast Aluminum Plus Pack - Call
*Other sizes and options available upon request.
Portal Plus Re-Roof Drains
Use in conjunction with an existing roof drain. Unit is based on a flat underside flange for flush roofing material installation. Equipped with a special expanding foam sealing tape that automatically makes a permanent elastic watertight seal to the existing drain to eliminate water back-up. A rib on top of the ABS flange mates with the groove on the cast aluminum gravel guard clamping collar to produce a flashing lock. Flange and outlet tube are available in stainless steel, PVC, aluminum and high temperature ABS with either plastic or cast aluminum dome strainers.
Product Specs:

2” Aluminum Re-roof Drain - Call
3” Aluminum Re-roof Drain (Plastic) - V01250
4” Aluminum Re-roof Drain (Plastic) - V01300
5” Aluminum Re-roof Drain - Call
6” Aluminum Re-roof Drain - Call
Miro Pillow Block
Use on all types of roof decks to support roof-mounted pipes. Small and large sizes available. Small supports up to 80 Lbs. per stand and the large supports up to 100 Lbs. per stand.
Product Specs:

Small #1-5 (63 per case)
Wt. 28 Lbs. (Case)

Large #3R (26 per case)
Wt. 26 Lbs. (Case)