Guard Rail System
Provide workers with the ultimate safety barrier system. Designed to withstand up to 200 Lbs. of dead weight when assembled in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. Sets up in minutes and requires no additional hardware. Eliminate back strain from hauling the base plates using our transport cart. Moves steel base plates from one point to the next as the work progresses.
Rail sections are pinned to the base plates for added reinforcement.

Base plates have a reinforced welded hoisting eye for transporting.

Steel brackets are welded onto the base plates. Brackets hold 2” x 6” toe boards as required by OSHA.

All components sold separately.
Product Specs:

5’ Guard Rail Section
Wt. 30 Lbs.

8’ Guard Rail Section
Wt. 39 Lbs.
10’ Guard Rail Section
Wt. 45 Lbs.

Base Plate
Wt. 90 Lbs

Transport Cart
Wt. 35 Lbs.
Perimeter Warning Line System
Alert workers that they are in close proximity of the roof’s edge with our popular warning line system. Stanchions are fabricated from pipe with slip-fit connections for inserting into the base plates. Base plates measure 24” x 24” x 1/4”. A complete system includes four stanchions with four detachable support base sections and 100’ of reinforced pennants.
Protective Roofing Products: PRP2000
The PR 2000 Safety platforms meets the OSHA requirements, eliminating the needs for tie-off and a work platform that increases productivity and job quality, saving time and money. The PR 2000 Bracketed Scaffold was tested to 4700 Lbs of downward load.
The PR 2000 exceeds OSHA and Canadian W.C.B. compliance as a catch platform, maing the system the only means of fall protection required for your roofing project.

When using the PR 2000 on you roofing project, you will find that it will speed up production by controlling falling debris on those steep roof tear offs, minimizing ground clean up and ground damage. The system will give you a strong stable working platform from the beginning to the end of the project without interfering with a roofing work, soffit fascia, gutters or cornice work. A safe working environment is created and loading material onto steep roofs is made easier with the use of the PR 2000. The system allows for the installation of gutters with a roof flange. Corner units are also available.
Product Specs:

Warning Line System Complete
Wt. 205 Lbs.

Warning Line Base and Post only
Wt. 51 Lbs.

Warning Line Post only
Wt. 9 Lbs.

Warning Line Base only
Wt. 42 Lbs.

100’ Pennant Line
Wt. 1 Lb.
Collapsible Perimeter
Warning Line System
Storage is a breeze with this compact system. Post and plate are welded together, in a way that allows the unit to fold-up into one compact linear unit. Lightweight and easy to assemble, no additional hardware required. System is sold as a complete unit including four base plates, four posts and a 100’ heavy duty reinforced pennant line.
Product Specs:

Collapsible Warning Line System complete
Wt. 145 Lbs.

100’ Pennant Line
Wt. 1 Lb.
Product specs:
25 Person Kit: F01850
Product specs:
21/2# - Wt. 5 Lbs. - F01650
10# - Wt. 20 Lbs. - F01550
5# - Wt. 9 Lbs. - F01800
20# - Wt. 31 Lbs. -F01700
Truck Mounting Bracket - F01600
Fire Extinguishers/ ABC Rated
Contains the following items:
1 Bloodstopper™ trauma dressing
100 Plastic strips 3/4” x 3”
50 1” x 3” Woven strips
10 Ammonia inhalants
1 Cold pack unit size
1 Triangular bandage
25 2” x 2” Gauze pads
3 2” x 5 yd. Stretch gauze
20 Triple antibiotic foil packs
25 3” Cotton tip applicators
1 1/2” x 5 yd. Tape
20 Antiseptic wipes
10 2”x3” Non-adherent pads
100 Aspirin 1 4 oz.
Eye wash
1 Burn spray
6 Tongue blades
1 Scissors
1 Tweezer
1 First aid book
Large First Aid Kit
All inclusive large first aid kit in a reusable plastic case.
Product Specs:

#1075 placard w/ frame - Wt. 3 Lbs. - P00400
#3257 Self stick “Hot” decal only - P00422
#1075 Self stick propane decal only - P00425
Metal bracket only (less the decal) - Wt. 2 Lbs. - P00430
Asphalt melting kettles and vehicles carrying propane must be labeled according to laws set forth by the highway patrol. “Hot” #3257 placards are required two per kettle and must be posted on opposing sides. Labels are required on all four sides of 845 gallon kettles or larger. Propane “1075” placards are required on vehicles carrying propane tanks. Available mounted on metal frames or as separate decals.
Caution Tape
Product Specs:

3” x 300’ Roll
Wt. 2 Lbs.

3” x 1000’ Roll
Wt. 4 Lbs.
Product Specs:

Wt. 12 oz.
Pitch Gel
Protects skin against contact dermatitis from water, insoluble irritants such as grease, tar, paint, etc. Contains SPF-15 sunscreen
Product Specs and Sizes:

Small (6-7 1/2): C02760.S
Medium (8-9 1/2): C02760.M
Large (10-11 1/2): C02760.L
X-Large (12-13): C02760.XL
XX-Large (14-15): Call
Korkers IA5101 WorkTrax
Improve footing on shake, shingle, composition and tile roofs with Korkers original lace and web designed sandal. This light weight, flexible design fits easily over bulky, insulated boots or other special footwear.Regular spikes are included.

Replaceable spikes for increased longevity are available.
Product Specs:

Hard Hat
Wt. 1.5 Lbs.

Face Shield and Bracket
Wt. 12 Oz.

Face Shield Only
Wt. 4 Oz.

Bracket Only
Wt. 8 Oz.
Hard Hats & Face Shields
Hard hats are made of a high density polyethylene. Includes an adjustable headband for comfort and safety. Plastic face shield with bracket fits securely on the hat for added protection.
Product Specs:

28” Cone & “Workers Above” sign
Wt. 12 Lbs.

28” Cone only
Wt. 11 Lbs.

“Workers Above” sign only
Wt. 1 Lbs.
Safety Cones
Adequately identify the work site with these bright orange safety cones with durable plastic sign.
Product Specs:

Wt. 26 Lbs.
Sky Light Protection
Skylight fall protection that helps safe-guard against accidental falls through skylights and other unprotected roof openings. Lightweight aluminum construction. Mounts on the roof or on the skylight base for either temporary or permanent attachment.
(Unit measures 4’ x 4’ - Custom sizes are available).
Product Specs:

Wt. 8 Lbs.
Reusable Roof Ridge Tie-Off Bracket
For the investment wise buyer, we offer our own heavy duty reusable tie-off bracket of unmatched quality. Constructed of 3/16” plate steel, 3/8” high test chain and equipped with two forged steel rings, one on either side. The user has the option to tie-off on either side of the roof without having to move and reinstall the anchor. Easily installed on flat and variable pitched roofs using 16d cement coated nails. Supports one person per bracket. Specifications exceed OSHA standards.
Product Specs:

Fall Protection Kit model BRFK25'
Wt. 13 Lbs.

Fall Protection Kit model BRFK50'
Wt. 15 Lbs.
Safety in a Bucket
Safety doesn’t get any easier than this; one reusable plasticbucket contains all of the components to safely outfit one person in accordance with OSHA regulations. Kit includes one full body harness, your choice of a 25’ or 50’ poly rope lifeline, a shock-absorbing lanyard, rope grab, and a reusable roof anchor with screws.
FallTech Roofer's Kit
Safety in a Bucket

doesn’t get any easier than this; one reusable plasticbucket contains all of the components to safely outfit one person in accordance with OSHA regulations. Kit includes one full body harness, 50’ poly Vertical Lifeline, Reusable roof anchor, and Shock/Rope Grab set.
Product Specs:

FALLTECH Roofer's Kit'
Wt. 13 Lbs.