Cleasby prides itself on its quick response to customer repairs, many of which are performed within a 24-hour turnaround time.

Kettle and conveyor repairs are performed on a daily basis in our San Francisco, Colorado and Utah locations.
The lifetime of a Cleasby kettle is typically 20-30 years. Owners can extend the lifetime of a kettle by having regular maintance scheduled. Having tubes and pump systems replaced or repaired, also adds to the longevity of a kettle. Tubes can be repaired up to three times.
Benefit to customer: 
Making these minor repairs provides a cost savings to the customer in equipment replacement costs
Cleasby’s mechanics have proven experience in repairing conveyors. Repairs can be done at one of our service facilities or onsite. Minor repairs can be done on conveyors even if the truck is fully loaded. Onsite repairs helps you maintain your delivery schedule. Minor engine repair can be done on equipment that is fully loaded on its way to a job site. Cleasby mechanics can repair a conveyor truck while the customer’s crew waits onsite for repairs that can be completed within hours, getting the crew back on the road and to their job site.
Benefit to customer: 
Quick repairs out of Cleasby’s shops eliminated costly down time on the customer’s job site.

Extends the lifetime of the equipment and customer equipment replacement costs.
On-Deck Equipment
Cleasby repairs a range of On-Deck Equipment to keep job sites running smoothly and efficiently. Equipment that is repaired routinely include:

• Felt layers
• Roof Saws
• Spray Pumps
• Drills
• Screw Guns