Silicon RollerA


Silicone Rollers

  • A 1-3/4” silicone roller (R00770)
  • B 2” silicone seam roller with standard single fork and cushion-grip handle.
  • C 2” silicone roller with ergonomic plastic handle and single extended offset fork
  • D Roll-N-Chek combo tool stays well balanced in your hand, letting you roll out the seam and immediately test with no “pickup and put down” of different tools, with ergonomic plastic handle (R00774)
  • E 4” silicone roller.
  • The Wrist-Saver roller’s patent pending design allows for proper positioning of your arm, wrist and hand into a neutral, relaxed working position. The design allows you to use the power of your whole arm and conserve energy, allowing you to work longer with less fatigue.

Aluminum V Roller

  • Detail “V” rollers provide greater ease in seaming tight angles and performing detail work around fixtures and in corners.
  • 5” hardwood handle and enclosed bearings provide balance and smooth rolling action.

Nylon V Roller

  • A Nylon V RollerR00782
  • B Nylon Cone RollerR00792

Convertible Seam Tester

  • A hand-held model that converts to a stand-up seam tester in seconds! Steel Stand-up RollerR00755