55 Gal Hi Lo Boy


It’s a Hi-Boy and Lo-Boy combined to make one Hi-Lo Boy with two easy adjustments. Highly recommended since every job requires the equipment to accommodate a variety of heights. The carrier is equipped with two upright rails, two pre-drilled holes, and two steel pins. Just pull out the pins, and adjust the tank to the preferred height. Pop the pins back in and you are done. Make sure the tank is empty before adjusting to a different setting. Available with either a 30 or 55 gallon insulated tank. Tank is mounted on a balanced all steel chassis with two 400×8 tires and a 400×8 rear swivel wheel or a 10×300 rear swivel wheel for easy maneuvering. Solid tires are an option. Manual braking system included.

  • 30 gallon Hi-Lo Boy insulatedWt. 205 Lbs. C00350
  • 55 gallon Hi-Lo Boy insulatedWt. 240 Lbs. C00400