PowerMax Roof Saw


  • Remote clean air intake. Equipped with a 4” engine in-take tube, mounted up and away from the engine. Engine runs cooler and cleaner and lasts longer.
  • Quick change belt. Loosen one T-bolt and let the belt guard swing down, change the belt, it’s that easy. Belts last longer because they are completely enclosed and located opposite the cutting side.
  • Quick change blade. Lift the blade guard and change the blade. Includes one carbide blade. Available with left or right mount cutting blade.
  • Blade guard does not extend over the center. Prevents the operator from engaging the saw when the blade is exposed.
  • Ergonomically correct design. Includes an adjustable D-handle for maximum leverage. Easy to maneuver with no strain on the operator.
  • Several engine options to choose from.
  • With 9 h.p. Honda engineWt. 235 Lbs. S00915
  • With 10 h.p. Briggs & Stratton engineWt. 245 Lbs. S00725
  • With 11 h.p. Honda engineWt. 235 Lbs. S00920
  • With 13 h.p. Honda engineWt. 235 Lbs. S00930