The new UNIROOF AT/ST roof welder is your flexible partner for welding thermoplastic roofing membranes on flat or pitched roofs )up to 30”).

  • No converting: Thanks to the movable transport axle the ultra slim roof welding machine masters welding close to the edge (up to 100 mm/4 inches), and whenever it gets narrow at or on top of the parapet.
  • Swiss Quality you can rely on.
  • The direct-driven, maintenance-free pressure wheel (drive motor integrated in pressure wheel [patent pending]) leads to clearly optimized overall performance and is easy to service.
  • Field tested design for ergonomic handling, flexible relocating and optimal machine guiding
  • Greater efficiency at construction sites: The new UNIROOF class brings an additional 38% (ST) to 66% (AT) higher welding performance compared to similar machines.
  • Welding roof structure profiles with special profile kit. Specifications
  • Voltage240V (AT); 120 (ST)
  • Frequency50/60 Hz
  • Power Watts3450 (AT); 1800 (ST)
  • Temperature, stepless210° – 1150° F
  • Air flow range45% – 100%
  • Drive speed, stepless3.3 – 33.0 ft./min.
  • Size18.7”L x 9.6”W x 10.3”H
  • Weight38.6 Lbs. (incl. 3 additional weights)
Materials PP, PVC, TPO, ECB, EPDM, EVA, FPO, PO, PIB (other materials upon request)