Cleasby Manufacturing began its rich history when Leslie John Cleasby formed a partnership with Fred Wittig, opening the doors to Cleasby-Wittig Co., Inc in September 1949 serving San Francisco’s roofing supply needs.

By 1968, the company leadership transferred to Cleasby’s only child, Leslie Cleasby Jr., who was known as Skip. His charter was to grow the company to the national level from its well-known name on the West Coast. Cleasby purchased all of the company stock and changed the name to Cleasby Manufacturing Co., Inc. Acquisitions of manufacturing companies in Denver and Clearfield, UT, followed, as well as the establishment of a distribution warehouse in Riverside, CA.

Cleasby’s children John, Karen and Kathleen helped build on the family legacy by adding diversification to the formula. Cleasby manufactures and distributes more than 200 products including custom fabricated fittings used for general construction to heavy equipment built to store and/or transport asphalt and emulsions used for roofing and maintenance.