845 Kettle1


Exclusive double barrel spiral flame burners are standard equipment on this high production kettle. This means you get two burners in each 10” heat tube for a total of four burners. Generates 2 million b.t.u.’s per hour, the highest in the industry. Standard equipment includes manual controls, a 60 g.p.m. pump, 9 h.p. Honda engine, tail lights, removable adjustable hitch, four tube fired manual burners and electric brakes on both axles. Upgrades include automatic controls, l.p.g. engine conversion, drip rails, tool box, bucket racks, loading ramp, and hydraulic pump system. Manufacturer highly recommends automatic controls and l.p.g. engine conversion.

  • Manual Heavy DutyK01550
  • Auto Heavy DutyK01650

Product Description

  • Length191”
  • Width101”
  • Height69”
  • Loading height46”
  • Unladen weight4,020 Lbs.
  • Usable asphalt above the tubes486 gal.

Safety tip

Kettles with new engines don’t necessarily come filled with oil or fuel. Check fluid levels and fill engine fluids in a well-ventilated area, away from any combustible surfaces. The engine and kettle burners must be off before refueling the engine.


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