Kettle 45gal


A favorite for doing patch jobs, shower pans and even high rise buildings. The roofer working at the top of a multi-story building will find our small size kettle easy to load on an elevator and take to the roof. It allows the roofer to have hot asphalt at the point of application, especially in those hard to reach areas. Insulated kettles melt “Hot” approximately 30% faster than non-insulated. Always check fire codes in your area before loading a kettle into an elevator or on a roof.

  • Capacity45 gal.
  • Length55”
  • Width30”
  • Height30”
  • Unladen weight450 Lbs.

Safety Tip

Keep all safety labels and operating instructions in clean readable condition. If any of the labels becomes illegible or if instructions are lost or not clearly understood, call one of our 800 numbers for free replacements and technical assistance.