200 Kettle


Versatility is the key to this portable pump kettle’s notoriety. Small enough to tackle patch jobs, shower pans and small additions. Its size can also accommodate light duty residential work and office complexes when asphalt must be pumped to the roof. Standard equipment includes manual controls, 35 g.p.m. pump. 8 h.p Briggs & Stratton engine, tail lights, removable adjustable hitch, and a tube fired single, manual burner. Upgrades include automatic controls, l.p.g. engine conversion, drip rails, tool box, bucket racks and loading ramp. Manufacturer highly recommends automatic controls, l.p.g. engine conversion and electric brakes

Also available in 260 gallon
  • Length121”
  • Width69”
  • Height58”
  • Unladen weight1,500 Lbs.
  • Usable asphalt above the tubes138 gal.

Safety Tip

Hot asphalt melting equipment is to be operated by trained equipment operators only. Trained kettle operators must clearly understand and abide by Federal and State OSHA regulations as they pertain to kettle operations.

Safety Tip

A class ABC or BC fire extinguisher must be kept near any kettle in use. Extinguisher capacity is as follows:
  • Less than 150 gal. kettle8:B.C.
  • 150 gal. to 350 gal. kettle16:B.C.
  • Larger than 350 gal. kettle20:B.C.